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Music of the Hour: The Genesis

Music of the Hour found its humble beginnings as the subject line of an email that was sent and copied to a handful of friends. It came with no instructions, but bore a simple request. Write what you were listening to, and if you wanted, a few words about it. Participation was easy enough, and as we wrote in to one another day after day, divulging wholly and generously the soundtracks of our lives, we realized a need that had to be met. Free-form, collaborative music discussion. Social media has made it possible to give real time updates of every moment in our everyday lives, but there is still something romantic about a bunch of friends getting together for a few pints and talking about records. MOTH merges the two, giving those pub table discussions an internet home. Some may argue that message boards provide the same, but we find those too impersonal. is about providing interesting feature content, while keeping a strong focus on the interactive user element to the site. We want to know what you’re listening to and how you feel about it, in whatever terms you put it to best. Submit content on your favorite groups, help choose what bands and albums we talk about,  generate interest in regional music scenes. Participate in and further our
movement toward all-inclusive, interpersonal music communication.

The Empty Page

All throughout our adolescence we burst with, not only sheer loyalty for the musicians/artist’s we love, but also many thoughts and opinions about them. We may tear through untold amounts of magazines, books, and web pages that feature writing that distills our thoughts into words that are conjured, stressed, and labored over by hardworking men and women. Or, simply put, they may not. While not many of us may get the chance to have our work published by a respected media source, that doesn’t make what we think or feel any less important. At MOTH, it’s our goal to make the voice of our peers heard. It can be an essay, interview, album recommendation, or any format that you please. You can submit content for MOTH, and we will help you edit, format, and post it to make it available to the public. It doesn’t take much investigating in media sources to see that it’s simple to criticize, bash, or tear apart the things that we don’t like, but on MOTH our goal is to keep the content literate, congratulatory, and all together positive. Also, we want to keep it accurate and honest, so if you submit a 16-page interview with Bono, we’re going to have to call you out on it. (Well, on second thought, he might just do something like that so we’ll just have to see when the time comes.)

Throughout the last few decades, it’s been reiterated in so many ways that independent music survives on the support of the people who love it. Get in touch with your local musicians, talk them about their art, and we’ll let you display the fruits of your hard work. This is your chance to have your voice heard! What will you write on The Empty Page?

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