Photos by Javan Thompson

Black Francis at the Old Rock House, 7/19/2011

by Berrek Thompson

Black Francis (a.k.a Frank Black), most commonly known as the leader of the venerable legends Pixies, found his way to the Old Rock House this past Tuesday night. He performed stripped-down versions of his solo work, as well as a few Pixies tunes sprinkled in for good measure. It made for a very satisfying evening of dynamic songs. He was accompanied by Eric Drew Feldman, who played keyboards on the Pixies’ Trompe le Monde (as well as worked on several of Francis’ solo records). Below we have a video of Black performing “Where is My Mind?”, photos, and a setlist. Enjoy!


  1. The Black Rider
  2. Six-Sixty-Six
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Song of the Shrimp
  5. Nimrod’s Son
  6. Two Reelers
  7. All Around the World
  8. Robert Onion
  9. I Heard Ramona Sing
  10. Ten Percenter
  11. That Burnt Out Rock and Roll
  12. She Took All the Money
  13. Calistan
  14. Horrible Day
  15. Where is my Mind?
  16. Bullet
  17. I Burn Today
  18. Brackish Boy
  19. Dead Man’s Curve
  20. Cactus
  21. Planet of Sound
  22. I’ll Be Blue
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