MOTH Presents… Sight/Sound @ Old Rock House August 25th

Musicians are outlaws… It doesn’t matter if they’re jazz musicians of the Forties, or rock musicians of today. They have their own language and life-style. I feel at home with that.” – Martin Scorsese

Music and moving images have been symbiotic since the genesis of “cinema”, long before spoken word was even introduced into the medium. Whether it’s a dramatic score, or a pa…stiche of popular songs, music will always temper and enhance the films that it accompanies. Being that all the members of MOTH are huge fans of cinema, we’re glad to host ‘MOTH Presents… Sight/Sound at Old Rock House’, wherein we’re providing the opportunity to a few of our favorite local bands to accompany their favorite films.

We’re Wolf/La Jetée
This City of Takers/The Secret of NIMH
Flaming Death Trap/Dumb and Dumber

Come close out the summer properly with Music of the Hour at the Old Rock House on Wednesday, August 25th.

Doors are at 8, Show starts at 9, and it’s only $5. (18+ and up).

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