MUSIC NOW!: Bo and the Locomotive/Frances with Wolves/The Lisps

It’s going to get heavy at Cicero’s tomorrow night. And we mean heavy in the Back to the Future sense of the term, of course. We couldn’t have picked a better line-up to heat up a frigid Tuesday night in Saint Louis than the perfect storm of Bo and the Locomotive (They seriously should have written the score for The Exploding Girl. Watch it with their music in the background, and you’ll see the best silent move ever), The Lisps (I’m seriously in love with this band), and Frances With Wolves (Yes, yes the name is awesome, but this duo spins out heady, surreal, next-level jams for those of us obsessed with sweet vocals and haze). All of these bands are bringing their A game, and with the sold-out Girl Talk show happening simultaneously, I definitely predict dancing in the streets at midnight. Give em’ a listen, and we’ll see you there tomorrow night!

Photo Credit: Jess Luther for I Went To A

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