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Share The Wealth: 10 Albums My Friends Told Me to Listen To In 2010

by Fernando Cruz

This category is perfect for me, as a majority of the music in my library owes its presence to many “Listen to this, Fern! You’ll love it!” recommendations. And really, why shouldn’t that be what it’s all about? There are rare instances where I find myself recommending an album, and not as the beneficiary of some form of musical grace. But, when it does happen, it’s usually a feeble attempt to convince a mainstream music lover (one of my suburb-dwelling friends, no doubt) that there are some ”indie” bands I know they’ll enjoy. Generally, the transaction ends in a complaint that what I let them listen to was more or less… horrible. Now, I would like to say that my “hectic, busy life” is what accounts for my lack of effort to find music on my own, but honestly: I’ve always been like this. It’s a selfish method, but it has worked pretty well thus far. At first, I felt that I was not going to be able to rank these albums in some form of numerical order, but after a little thought (and an equal amount of beer), I feel pretty settled in my opinion how these albums rank in relation to each other. So, enough chit-chat! Here are the top 10 albums that someone recommended to me this year.

(You’ll note that some of these albums weren’t released in 2010, which would make your observation correct. But, it’s my list, so I can do what I want.)

#10 Natural Selection – White Picket Fence

#9 Beach House – Teen Dream

#8 School of Seven Bells – Alpinisms

#7 LCD Soundsystem – This is Happening

#6 Frightened Rabbit – Winter of Mixed Drinks

#5 The Roots – How I Got Over

#4 Dead Mans Bones – S/T

#3 The National – High Violet

#2 Ramona Falls – intuit

And the #1 album ( of the 10 I chose) is……..

Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Thank you Justin Price, my chief music philanthropist)

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